Mission Statement

“Ramshaw Real Estate is a trusted and respected leader in real estate acquisitions, sales, development, and management who believes in having guiding principles to support its mission and goals for doing business.”

Guiding Principles

Ten Guiding Principles below lead the organization toward its mission of excellence:

  • Committed to helping clients attain their real estate goals and enhance the value of the real estate interests. A fundamental commitment of our company in working with clients is to help them attain their real estate goals and enhance the value of their real estate interests.

  • Committed to providing tenants and customers with a high-quality environment in which to live and work accompanied with courteous and responsive management service tailored to their needs.

  • Advocating and espousing a “win-win” business philosophy that emphasizes the establishment of mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

  • Favoring a team-oriented management style that promotes open and effective communication and encourages cooperation.

  • Seeking to maintain an office environment and atmosphere conducive to mutual respect, trust, and productivity.

  • Continuing to grow as an integral and fundamental feature and vision for the company’s future.

  • Encouraging employees to enhance their professional skills through continuing training and education and to become involved in ongoing programs of physical, mental, spiritual and financial development.

  • Encouraging individual voluntarism by employees to provide generous company support for worthy community projects.

  • Evaluating the company’s performance regularly in order to ensure accountability for customers and clients.

  • Reviewing our mission statement, guiding principles, and strategic plans periodically to make necessary adjustments for promoting continuous improvement and progress.