For Parents

Cosign or Lease Guarantee

Due to a large student tenant population, Ramshaw Real Estate has separate qualifications for our on campus and off campus properties. Students with a valid I-CARD leasing an on-campus property do not need to meet the income requirements. Every person over the age of 18 that will be living in the unit, however, must complete a rental application. Ramshaw Real Estate does not require a parent or guarantor to cosign the lease.

Off campus properties, however, require a cumulative monthly income of three times the monthly rent for approval. In cases where the tenant(s) does not meet this requirement, a guarantor or cosigner may be appropriate. The cosigner must make the income requirement on their own, separate from the monthly income of the occupants. indicating “Cosigner” status. Ramshaw Real Estate will then run a credit and background check and verify the cosigner’s proof of income with two recent pay stubs or bank statement.

Regardless of financial ability, all tenants must pass a background check to lease with Ramshaw Real Estate.

Automatic Rent Payments

Ramshaw Real Estate encourages our tenants to make online monthly rent payments through their tenant portal (access here).  Parents do not need to be a cosigner or be on the lease to pay rent online; simply enter the bank account information you wish to use on the Payment screen of the portal for either one-time payment or automatic withdrawal.  Parents who choose to mail a rent to check may do so, but please note the check will be entered the day on which it is received; late fees will not be excused due to mail delays.

Pet Policy

On campus properties do not allow pets. Some off campus properties do and monthly pet fees apply. Please refer to your lease or contact our Leasing team for pet information specific to your property and unit. 

24-Hour Emergency Maintenance

Ramshaw Real Estate offers an after-hours maintenance service for issues that arise after normal business hours or on the weekend. For non-emergent needs, tenants are advised to submit maintenance requests through their Tenant Portal as it is the most direct and efficient way to reach our Maintenance team.

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