Move Out Guide

We've been happy to have you and are sad to see you go!

Leases end at 12:00 P.M on the date listed on the lease agreement. Please check your current lease to ensure correct date.

In an effort to help make your move out process go smoothly and to maximize your deposit return, please follow the guidelines enclosed. Deposit returns will be sent within 30 days of your lease expiration. If you do not provide a forwarding address when you return your keys, your deposit will be sent to the last known address. Please login to your tenant portal (click here) to review any unpaid charges and make arrangements to pay before the end of your lease term. Again, thank you for living with us and we wish you well in your future endeavors!

When you assumed occupancy of your current residence, you found it in a clean and ready to move in condition, unless otherwise stated on your Move-In Inspection report. Due to the very short time period between your move-out date and the new resident's move-in date, it is imperative that your residence be left in a very clean, move-in ready condition. Any damages needing repair or routine maintenance should be reported prior to vacating the residence.

INSPECTION: An inspection of the premises by Ramshaw Real Estate staff will be conducted only after you have removed all personal belongings from the unit and returned all keys to the office. Please make sure you follow all instructions listed below:


  • All apartment keys must be returned to Ramshaw Real Estate's office (505 W. University Ave, Champaign) BY 12:00 NOON on the final day of your lease.
  • If keys are not returned on time, you will be charged for having the locks replaced.
  • Tenants not moved out by lease end date will be charged $200.00 a day.
  • Roommates: Please designate one contact person to return keys and complete the forwarding address form indicating the address where you would like the deposit mailed.
  • The deposit will be mailed to ONE PERSON ONLY and it will be this person's responsibility to distribute the refund to the other parties.
  • Deposits are NOT allowed to be used as a rental payment!


All utilities MUST be left on until the day of lease termination date in order to inspect your unit. If they are turned off within that time, the reconnection charge will be billed to your deposit.


Any valuable abandoned property – value determined by Lessor - left in a residence after keys have been turned into the office will be stored for 60 days. To recover items, you must pay $50.00/day storage fees plus our cost of packing and storing and any and all outstanding charges on your account. After 30 days, all items will be disposed of and the storage fee will be deducted from the security deposit.

Please see below for Damage Fees


  • Oven, burners, broiler, under the stove top, exterior of stove, hood vents, and splash guards should be free of grease, crumbs, smudges etc.
  • Replace burner drip pans if they are soiled (can be purchased at your local hardware store)
  • Refrigerator: emptied of all food, defrosted freezer, and cleaned inside and out DO NOT SHUT OFF REFRIGERATOR
  • Dishwasher: cleaned (including the front) and emptied
  • Microwave: cleaned inside and out
  • Garbage disposal: clear of any items or remaining food particles
  • Cabinets Inside and Outside: emptied and shelves wiped off- remove all shelfpaper, grease, crumbs, smudges etc
  • Countertops: cleaned with appropriate cleaner and free of grease and debris


  • Tub and/or Shower: cleaned, no soap residue, remove shower curtain (leave rod) and faucets shined. Do not use abrasive cleaners or bleach as they can damage the grout.
  • Toilet and Toilet Seat: cleaned inside and out
  • Basin/Vanity: clean off all soap residue and dirt
  • Medicine cabinet: emptied, cleaned inside and out
  • Ventilation fan: Clean all dust and dirt from the cover and fan blades (remove cover to perform this)


  • Remove all personal items including personal curtains, hangers, empty all trash cans, mirrors etc
  • Floors: all hardwood floors should be cleared of personal items, vacuumed, mopped to remove all dirt (including corners)
  • Vinyl floors should be vacuumed and mopped
  • Carpets: must be professionally cleaned and a receipt must be provided when keys are returned, if required by lease.  If the carpets are not professionally cleaned, we will have cleaned and deduct from your deposit. Companies we recommend:

Steamatic Inc 217-352-8899

  • All rooms should be clean of cobwebs including the ceiling and all windows
  • Baseboards: thoroughly cleaned on all sides (may use warm water and mild detergent)
  • Receptacle covers and light switch plates must be cleaned
  • Closets: remove all personal belongings, cleaned
  • Lightbulbs: Replace all burned out lightbulbs before you leave so that all light fixtures are operable (there will be a charge for replacing any burned out lightbulbs)
  • Doors and thresholds: cleaned inside and out (may use warm water and mild detergent)
  • Walls: cleaned with a damp sponge. Do not over scrub or remove paint (don’t forget trim)
  • Windows: cleaned inside including sills
  • Clean all blinds (each slat must be cleaned)
  • Fireplaces: cleaned and free of all ashes, flue closed and clean any fireplace tools that belong to the residence
  • Smoke detectors: all batteries should be in working order.


  • Windows should be intact, any broken windows will be charged to your deposit
  • Porch/deck: clean of all personal items and debris (swept or mopped if appropriate)
  • Yard: clean of all personal items, trash and any outdoor furniture or decoration.

Please be aware that “normal wear and tear” does not include damages caused by a resident’s negligence, abuse or misuse of the premises such as but not limited to: broken windows, screens, doors, holes in walls, broken blinds, scraped walls or carpet stains.  All damages deemed beyond “normal wear and tear” will be repaired and charged to the resident.

Damage Fee Schedule

Items not completed prior to move out will be priced from the following fee schedule and taken out of the security deposit.


  • Clean Refrigerator  $60.00
  • Clean Stove Top   $40.00
  • Replace Drip Pans   $25.00
  • Clean Oven  $50.00
  • Clean Stove Hood  $15.00
  • Clean Kitchen Cabinets  $50.00
  • Clean Kitchen Floor $25.00
  • Clean Tub/Shower Surround (ea) $20.00
  • Clean Toilet and Sink (per bath)    $15.00
  • Clean Bathroom Cabinets and Floor  $15.00
  • Clean Carpets, Shampoo (per room)  $35.00
  • Vacuum Throughout   $40.00
  • Window Cleaning – Per Window   $9.00
  • Clean Fireplace  $18.00

General Repairs

  • Replace Stove/Oven Knob  $14.00
  • Replace Ceramic Tile   $90.00
  • Replace Vinyl Plank   $TBD
  • Carpet Replacement   $TBD
  • Replace Kit/Bath cabinet Knobs  $14.00
  • Replace Mirror  $50.00
  • Replace Medicine Cabinet $75.00
  • Replace Towel Bar  $25.00
  • Replace Tub/Shower Tiles $125.00
  • Replace Thermostat   $50.00
  • Remove Furniture/Junk/Debris  $200.00


  • Repair Forced Entry Door Damage  $175.00
  • Repair Hole in Door  $55.00
  • Replace Door (inside)   $100.00
  • Replace Door (outside) $125.00
  • Replace Screen Door  $35.00


  • Cover Crayon/Marker/Pen Marks  $35.00
  • Repair Hole in Wall  $55.00
  • Repaint Wall (ea wall/ceiling $65.00

Windows and Treatments

  • Replace Window Pane  $55.00
  • Replace Venetian or Mini Blinds  $55.00
  • Replace Vertical Blinds   $50.00
  • Replace Window Screens    $25.00


  • Replace Key  $35.00
  • Replace Door Lock  $150.00
  • Replace Deadbolt  $150.00


  • Replace Kitchen Faucet   $65.00
    Replace Bathroom Faucet $65.00
  • Replace Shower Head   $30.00
  • Replace Toilet Tank Lid   $35.00
  • Replace Toilet Seat $25.00
  • Replace Garbage Disposal $100.00
  • Clear Toilet/Sewer Lines  $125.00


  • Replace Light Bulb $15.00
  • Replace Light Fixture Globe  $15.00
  • Replace Light Fixture  $55.00
  • Replace Outlet/Switch  $25.00
  • Replace Electrical Cover Plate  $5.00


  • Exterminate for Cockroaches  $550.00
  • Exterminate for Fleas  $450.00
  • Exterminate for Bed Bugs $1300.00

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