Rent Payment

Rent is paid to Ramshaw Real Estate in 12 equal rent installments. When you sign your lease, a total amount of money will be listed on the top of the contract, as well as move in and move out dates. Due to the nature of our community and needing to clean apartments between tenants, your lease will not cover exactly 52 weeks. Your payment, however, will be the same every month.

The total amount of your lease is divided into 12 equal installment payments, due the first of each month. Your monthly rent payment is 1/12 of the total amount of rent due for the entirety of the lease.

Your first payment is due August 1 and final payment is due July 1.

Some properties have other monthly utility fees – please check your lease for a complete list of monthly fees and please contact a member of our leasing team with any questions!

Questions? We’re happy to help! Contact a member of our Leasing team today at [email protected] or 217-359-6400