Renter's Insurance

For your safety as well as ours, Ramshaw Real Estate requires that all tenants have an active Renter’s Insurance policy while leasing with us. A minimum of $100,000 liability insurance is required and the policy may be purchased through any licensed insurance company. Tenants are asked to bring (or email) a copy of their Renter’s Insurance policy when a lease is signed or at the latest, when picking up keys at move in.

Tenants that do not provide proof of insurance will be automatically enrolled in our legal liability insurance program for a total of $12.50/month starting the first month of the lease. This policy does not cover the tenants’ personal belongings. At any point during the lease term, tenants may provide proof of insurance and the monthly charge will be dismissed.

More information about insurance and the legal responsibilities of the Lessor and Lessee(s) can be found in your lease.

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