How Technology Makes Property Management Easy for Landlords in Champaign-Urbana

Technology has evolved to the point that every industry and every consumer is conducting most of their business online. Champaign-Urbana property management is no different, and the use of online platforms and digital technologies has allowed us to manage your units better.

When you’re looking for Champaign-Urbana property managers to lease, maintain, and manage your multi-family building, make sure you’re choosing a company that’s innovative, flexible, and modern. Management companies that are still sending paper rent checks or taking days and weeks to show a unit do not have the resources to keep your real estate investments profitable and efficient.

Using technology helps us to do a better job, and that leads to more money and less stress for our owners.

Champaign-Urbana Property Managers Investing in Technology

At Ramshaw Real Estate, we have adopted Appfolio as our property management platform, and it gives us and our clients a huge advantage. It was recently rated the best software in the property management industry, and we’re proud that we can use it to provide an outstanding experience for our owners and our tenants. Even our vendors and community partners benefit from our work with Appfolio.

The ability to access this kind of technology sets us apart from other local property management companies in Champaign-Urbana. It allows us to automate a lot of the things that once took up a lot of time and space in our office and in the daily work of our property managers. Now, our talented team has the time to focus on the real needs of our clients that can only be handled by them. They no longer have to spend time tracking maintenance invoices or counting up the average days on market for a unit; the software takes care of a lot of the busywork for them.

Serving Tenants Better with Technology

Tenants benefit from our use of technology because they don’t have to interrupt their daily lives to call us about a leaky faucet or drop off a rent check during our office hours.

With our online system, tenants can pay rent securely and conveniently from anywhere. They can pay rent in the middle of the night from their phones or first thing in the morning from their office laptop. It’s all done through their online portal, and it has increased on-time rental payments.

Tenants also have the benefit of submitting routine maintenance requests online. They can even upload pictures of the repair that’s needed. It gives us the ability to document the request and create a chain of actions that starts with the notification that something’s wrong and ends with the payment of the vendor invoice.

Champaign-Urbana Property Management Transparency for Owners

Champaign-Urbana Property Management Transparency for OwnersOur online capabilities allow us to provide our owners with as much transparency as possible on how we are managing their assets. You can log onto your portal at any time of the day and from any place in the world to view lease documents, track invoices, and see if rent has been paid, or follow the income and expenses associated with your property.

You get detailed, accurate, and transparent accounting statements and reports. Everything is gathered into one area, and this keeps us working seamlessly and consistently on your entire portfolio of rental units.

We love talking about Champaign-Urbana property management and the importance of technology to our business. To learn more, please contact us at Ramshaw Real Estate.